HQ & iQRA (Islamic & Quranic Digital Library)

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ISUFOM Islamic & Quranic Digital Library (iQRA)

During the recent inaugural meeting with MyFundAction CEO COO, ISUFOM was tasked to prepare the conceptualization of the Islamic Quranic Digital Library iQRA being the catalyst charity project for ISUFOM.

A catalyst for the next phase of STEM (Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) development to increase the competitiveness among the community in the digital economy world A step forward towards an Islamic content and featured a library of multiple religious journals, books and information.

iQRA Proposed Components overall

  • Infrastructure designed to encourage face to face discussions, sharing sessions and cross-discipline engagements.
    • Brainstorm Cube
    • Function Rooms
    • Café/Restaurant
    • Quiet Rooms



Alhamdulillah, pada 19 Mei 2022, satu pelancaran kempen iQRA Fund Raising Campaign 2020 telah dirasmikan oleh Tuan Hj Mohd Fadzil, Timbalan Pengarah Operasi JAWI WPKL.

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